Anonymous asked: What sound do you love?

Colm Wilkinson singing Bring Him Home. If/When God was alive, I’m pretty sure He sounded a lot like Colm Wilkinson.

Other than that, I really like the sound of rain and the sound of the ocean.


Anonymous asked: What’s something that amazes you?

Sarriva in general. The fact that she always knows what to say to make me feel better; the fact that she loves me.

Actually, a lot of things have been amazing me lately, but that was the one that’s been standing out to me the most.


Anonymous asked: Is there something you’re still holding on to? Is it time to let it go?

Difficult question. I was holding onto hating February for a long time, but I’ve let that go now (well, let go of hating her for cheating on me, now I just hate her for being an idiot in general.) I’m holding onto a grudge against my dad for murdering my sister and my mother… I’m not planning to let it go anytime soon. I don’t forgive easily.

If there’s anything that I should let go, it’s probably my paranoia whenever someone close to me becomes ill or injured that they’re going to die. I’m extremely paranoid about that.

I guess I should let go of my grudge against Bug… but I feel like he wouldn’t forgive me even if I did, so what’s the point?


Anonymous asked: What are the times you are most inspired, most motivated, most charged up?

In regards to the war, whenever I think of my sister, my mother, or Sarriva (my girlfriend, in case you haven’t figured this out by now) and what my dad has done/could do to them, I become extremely motivated to stop him. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would’ve retreated to some quiet corner of the galaxy to let everyone just die. Thoughts of them are what’s keeping me going.

When it comes to life in general… well, that’s a hard one. I guess whenever I get an enjoyable challenge, I strive to overcome it. I’m not really sure what inspires me the most in general life. Les Miserables? Trying not to fall back into that awful, awful state of mind I was in on Bug-World? Hm. I’ll think about it.


robin-is-a-lizard asked: First, did you know who haven't got anon messages turned on? You won't get any fun awkward questions that way. For the actual question I'm here to ask, what is your greatest fear? And also, What do you hope for the future?

I was not aware of that- thank you.

My greatest fear is probably Riva dying. She’s the only reason I’ve managed to be at all happy lately. Other than that, though, I have several fears:

1) Dad capturing me and putting a bug egg in my chest

2) Being eaten alive (again)

3) Bugs

4) Dad capturing Sarriva and torturing/killing her

5) Basically Sarriva getting hurt in any way, shape, or form.

As for hopes for the future…

I hope that this war will end without too much bloodshed. I hope that, maybe, I can go back into the world without people hissing and booing at me for what I did on Bug-World. (It’s unlikely, but you did say “hope,” not “rationally believe what will happen,” otherwise I would’ve left out the part about the war ending without bloodshed.) I hope that maybe Sarriva and I can just live quietly together in some secluded spot someday. I hope that, once this war is over (and if I’m not dead by then,) I’ll know what to do with myself- because I currently don’t have a clue about anything that will happen after the war.

And I just remembered that it’s Ria’s birthday today.

Happy birthday, little sister.

I know she used to have a blog on here… she’d never let any of the fam see it, though.




robin-is-a-lizard asked: What were your first thoughts about Sarriva?

My first thoughts about Sarriva were something along the lines of either “Damn, she’s sexy- no, no, don’t think that, why would you think that-” or “Finally, a challenge! This should be interesting…”

(It was probably the latter. … Just don’t tell her about either of them, okay?)

Shortly after our first meeting, however, most of my thoughts about her were about how similar we were- both bitter, both cynical, both extremely devoted to insane megalomaniacs (well, not so much for me anymore,) both intensely disliked by Taz and Up…


robin-is-a-lizard asked: We all know how you felt about the rangers of Starship 15A2 before and during the fiasco at bug world, but now you've been travelling with them, what are your thoughts on them now?

Well, I guess I’ll just list them all individually-

Up- Okay, I’ll admit that I knew this from the time he threatened to pour molten hot metal down my throat if I ran away, but he’s not the softie I used to think he was. We get along fairly well now- I wouldn’t call us friends, but he’s okay. He knows what he’s doing, and that’s more than I can say for a lot of people.

Taz- My opinion on Taz has remained practically the same, except I respect her a bit more now. I can kind of understand why she’s so perpetually angry, and we’d actually probably-maybe be friends if A) we ever got around to just talking and B) she and Sarriva managed to get along for more than five minutes. Taz and Up are probably the two members of 15-A2 that I get along the most with now.

Tootsie- He’s still a complete idiot, especially for falling in love with a robot. I dunno, maybe I was wrong about him, though, if he’s stuck with Megagirl for this long. Who am I to judge? But I’m not the hugest fan of idiots, and he seems to think that I’m still going to kill everyone in their sleep (probably because Megagirl keeps insisting there’s a 78.999% chance I’m going to kill everyone in their sleep ((who was it who said robots aren’t biased? Haha, liar)) and he believes everything she says.) So yeah, we don’t get along well.

Megagirl- She’s an extremely terrifying robot without an inhibitor chip who’s tried to kill me multiple times. I would feel much safer if they just PUT HER INHIBITOR CHIP BACK IN (HINT HINT, GUYS) but in the meantime, I just try to stay out of her way as much as possible.

Specs- I don’t really talk to her much, but she seems decent enough. One of the more intelligent crew members, certainly. We just don’t have much in common. And I think she’s still pretty suspicious of me… so… there you go.

Krayonder- Other than Taz and Up, Krayonder’s likely the only other person from 15-A2 I can tolerate. He’s a complete idiot sometimes (most of the time,) but we get along fairly well. He’s nice enough to me, so I make an effort to be nice to him, if I can.

Bug- … We don’t get along well. Goes without saying. There’s the small problem of A) me having killed his girlfriend back on Bug-World (before you ask, no, I don’t take pride in that,) B) him refusing to believe that I could ever be something other than pure-evil C) him having stood by and watched happily as I was EATEN ALIVE on Bug-World until, apparently, my SCREAMS of AGONY became annoying (or something like that, how am I supposed to know?! I wasn’t exactly able to put myself in his place at the time) and he skipped off to find his friends, D) the last two factors combined not exactly doing wonders for my personality when I’m around him… It’s sort of what they call a vicious cycle.

Suffice it to say that I dislike Bug.

February- Ugh. February. Idiot ditz who can’t tell a zapper from a hairdryer and truth from fiction. She’s unbearably irritating- she’s always whining about something or giggling about how wonderful and amazing Bug is or saying that I really shouldn’t be on the ship or asking if I would like some makeup to try cover up my scars ‘cause it really isn’t doing much for my looks.

None of this is because I used to date her- I’m over that now. And I think that, maybe, if she hadn’t changed so much from the February that I used to know, we might’ve been able to be friends. But nope. She’s gone from awesome-and-friendly to airhead-ditz.

As you can tell, I don’t get along very well with most of the former crew of 15-A2. The other people on the ship (the ones who weren’t part of 15-A2) are pretty likeable, though.

Someday I’m going to find a picture of myself to put up here. Maybe two- “Pre-Bug-World” and “Post-Bug-World” so you’ll know how I looked before I started feeling like the Phantom of the Opera. Ha.


majesdane-rising-deactivated201 asked: What is your favorite color?

Probably green, grey, or blue. It’s difficult to decide which.